[dia•foria n°10: Faccia non Mente (English)

 Faccia non Mente
 sei racconti fisio-patognomici


The first issue -sorry, cartilage – stemmed from the newborn collaboration between [dia•foria and the publisher Cinquemarzo (read HERE) is the collection of short novels Faccia non Mente (Face doesn’t lie, six short novels on the topic of Physio-Pathognomonics).

This new issue, (from the altroche  series and numbered .101. following a transversal caothic logic), was conceived during a casual conversation in a cafè in November 2012 between Daniele Poletti and Ester Armanino. The volume has only now been released because [dia•foria is a small self-produced entity and it wasn’t easy to find the right publisher. Luca Guidi and Rebecca Palagi of Cinquemarzo showed an immediate interest towards our cultural approach and our upcoming projects.

The volume, contains the short novels of Ester ArmaninoSergio CostaLivia Del GaudioBarbara Di GregorioFabio Donalisio and Valentina Ramacciotti and features six icons designed by artists Federico Romero BayterMatteo CiardiniFilippo Ciavoli CortelliDavide LippolisDavid PaolinettiAnnalisa Pisoni. Ths issue begins with an introduction by Prof. Silvio Ferrari and ends with an afterword by Prof. Anna Luppi.

Faccia non Mente will be officially presented:

• Saturday, June 14, 5:30 pm: at the Bookstore Punto Einaudi in Lecco (Via Bovara 30, Tel. 0341 36.50.80). The writers Ester Armanino, Livia Del Gaudio and Fabio Donalisio, hosted by the bookstore manager Bruno Biagi, will be present.

• Sunday, June 15, 8.30 pmLibritudine – Festival del libro di Lissone (P.za IV novembre). The writers Ester Armanino, Livia Del Gaudio, Fabio Donalisio and Valentina Ramacciotti together with the artists Annalisa Pisoni and Davide Lippolis will be present.
On the occasion, there will be the national premiere of the booktrailer conceived by Walt G. Catalano and Roberto Scalisi.

Technical info:

dimensions: 16cm x 19cm
pages: 116
Series: [dia•foria (altroche )
Series supervisor: Daniele Poletti

200 copies printed on freno paper in May 2014
design: [dia•foria
6 colored illustrations

Edizioni Cinquemarzo
ISBN 978-88-97769-83-5
Price: euro 12,00

The issue can be purchased directly from the publisher’s site or on IBS. Soon it will also be available on Amazon, Libreria Universitaria, La Feltrinelli, Unilibro.






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